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Cricket Game

Welcome to Cricket Get the latest cricket scores from around the world and stay uptodate with the latest cricket news from a Canadian prospective.

Today's Games and Scores

Cricket Scores

South Africa 481/8 v New Zealand 38/3 *

Kabul Province 153/10 v Laghman Province 148/5 *

Kandahar Province 227/10 v Paktia Province 155/4 *

Zimbabwe Development XI 302/6 * v Sri Lanka Development Emerging Team

Sri Lanka 226/10 v Australia 227/8 *

Yorkshire 236/10 * v Surrey 255/7

India 15 * v West Indies 143/10

Islamabad v Peshawar

India Blue v India Red

Lahore Blues v Federally Administered Tribal Areas

Madurai Super Giants v VB Thiruvallur Veerans

Karachi Blues v Rawalpindi