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Cricket Game

Welcome to Cricket Game.ca. Get the latest cricket scores from around the world and stay uptodate with the latest cricket news from a Canadian prospective.

Today's Games and Scores

Cricket Scores

Boost Region 176/10 v Speen Ghar Region 248/4 & 286/9 *

Kabul Green 165/10 v Mis Ainak Region 594/7 & 55/2 *

India 239/7 * v New Zealand

Zimbabwe A 297/5 v Pakistan A 192/10 *

Qatar 162/9 v Saudi Arabia 166/3 *

Zimbabwe 87/10 * v Eastern Province 163/8

Pakistan 284/9 v West Indies 175/10 *

South Africa 295/4 * v Australia 294/9

Northern Cape 181/6 * v North West 181/6

Queensland v Cricket Australia XI

Bahrain Under-19s v Singapore Under-19s

Malaysia Under-19s v Saudi Arabia Under-19s

Oman Under-19s v United Arab Emirates Under-19s

Jagdamba Rhinos v Sagarmatha Legends

Vishal Warriors v Colors X-Factors

Hubli Tigers v Belagavi Panthers

Bangladesh v Afghanistan

Mysuru Warriors v Bellary Tuskers