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Cricket Game

Welcome to Cricket Game.ca. Get the latest cricket scores from around the world and stay uptodate with the latest cricket news from a Canadian prospective.

Today's Games and Scores

Cricket Scores

England 498/9 v Sri Lanka 62/4 *

Lantau Galaxy Riders 102/10 v Island Warriors 103/1

Mohammedan Sporting Club 13 * v Cricket Coaching School 149/10

Prime Bank Cricket Club v Kalabagan Cricket Academy 89/10 *

Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club 191/7 v Abahani Limited 194/7 *

Hung Hom Jaguars 98/5 v Kowloon Cantons 162/7

Nangarhar Province 211/10 v Paktia Province 189/10 *

Khost Province 233/10 v Laghman Province 236/5 *

Island Warriors v Kowloon Cantons 49

Northamptonshire 328/2 * v Essex

Nottinghamshire 276/5 * v Durham

Somerset v Surrey 236/8 *

Sussex v Derbyshire 43/2 *

Guernsey 230/6 v Vanuatu 133/5 *

Nigeria 213/8 v Tanzania 112/2 *

Jersey 194/7 v Oman 81/5 *